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Nice going home again. Memories come flooding in like sunshine!

>>> Long before the smothering by mono culture or exurbs, or blogs for that matter.

Doctor Flowers, I come back to this to say, you've really embraced technology.

Cell phones, faxes, even DSL... advancements help us in a big way but it all makes life more complicated. Pouring new masses of people into our living quarters just because transportation, even crude transportation, is that easy. Kids are getting away from the organic connection with life and are bonding instead with their X-boxes and iPods.

I see so many gifted people (you, Rob and others) who have been able to embrace it all without resistance. Your creative efforts soar under these new applications.

I feel generally bogged down by all these confusing contraptions. But I would be a hypocrite to ask for changes. I don't want to wash clothes against a rock. Or wring them out to dry. And I like having a cell phone. Sigh.

Kudos for conquering the electronic beast that is technology!

PS - your description above is the childhood that authors try to recreate. Nice times...

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