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The DIY ethic percolating through our culture into everything from visual artists to touring musicians to bloggists has always been alive and well for entrepreneurs like D&L Muffler. Chengdou to Marlington, WV let a hundred capitalist flowers bloom. Think Wal Mart is a blight? Give the people something they want and eke out your own market share. That is what is left us in the Chinese Century. We will conquer with our content and our software or we will go down like barbarians.

Appropos of Juan Gris you should go to Richmond on you're way to or from Culpeper and photograph Willard's Garage. Maybe spin through the Museum of The Confederacy and make it a day. Check out J.E.B. Stuart's revolver.

Dr. Flowers, you are more than welcome to visit Willard's Garage anytime. We would be honored.

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