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It's a whole new catalogue starting right here. The flourescent neo-pop colors change and challenge one's perception of image! I like.

And while this is a good start for a thorough, interpretive conversation, still... questions remain. Such as, what's the most over-rated flower? There must be one that gets tooo much attention, no?

Frankly, I thought bebop sucked. It wasn't until Miles chilled out and started digging white men like Gil Evans and Bill Evans that his art got in synch. The gamma knob is a fateful leap in photography. It worked for Warhol and Corbjin and few precious others. Until you can accurately depict rural South Georgia on a desolate Winter's day in natural light I ain't buying it. The ball is in your court, Flowers.

But a gas pump never looked so glamorous, that's fer sure!

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