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Hey Roy -
I'm back to your blog site. You've heard from the water lobby, and heard from the farm supporters. How about from the autumn leaf color crowd?

Every category has humor, surprise or impact. Sometimes all three. How can that be Doctor Flowers? Love them all.

As great as the photos are... I think the captions are my favorite.

"The request line is always open." --

Aah. Just noticed this on my way out the door. I'll be back.

The request line: how bout a picture of Doctor Flowers on the job? Not the shadow portrait which was fun, but a picture of you tending the earth's surface. See, when you have a blog, people stop in with all kinds of impossible requests.

The talking cows and damsels in distress are always great prose. The best blogs, I'm finding out, are all in the South. Storytellers, each one of you.

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