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Doctor Flowers, wow. That's really exceptional. I feel so honored to have a small part in the creation of your journal. This request line idea may bring more bugs out of the woodwork... not that you need others for inspiration... especially with your new DSL. Did you finish your Gothic period?

Coke was a big part of your life! Those rescue searches were good for bountiful hauls and big money. I too remember glass bottles and hidden cities and that period of time, I think sometime in the sixties, when glass was becoming less visible in the fridge.

Is Mountain Dew owned by Coke - I've gotten quite a vibe of the Dew from reading your site. I bet when Andy put out these various pieces (soup cans to nuts like Marilyn), he helped people remember. Memories of all types of things that are just taken for granted. Like a soda bottle!

I'll step aside and let other requests in. Your upcoming posts will be fun with the treasures you find on the internet. You know so durn much about art, that's for sure. And to many people, Warhol was more of a graphic designer than an artist... I just love him to bits. Thanks again for the wonderful post!


My grandfather was on the board of the Tippens Bank in a small southern town. At their regular meetings, it was tradition to drink "Co-cola". The person with the bottle from farthest away paid for the drinks. After millions of dollars spent on "folksy" advertising, Wachovia ain't even come close to that!

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