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I knew, in reality, Doctor Flowers could not pick the most overrated flower. It was just a starting point!

Now your work with the dandelion, that's something. It really is cheerful despite its often challenging surroundings. I just saw a puffy thing a couple days ago. Honestly, I'm sorry to say, I didn't know this was a stage the dandelion goes through.

One thing's for sure, I never like to disturb the little floaty things. I figure they've worked so hard just to hang on tenaciously, I'm not going to yank and blow it all to hell. It's superstition I guess. Or ignorance!

Other thoughts, Doctor. The dandelion wine sounds intriguing. And, if I had to pick a flower that's the most overrated, it would probably be the carnation. Love all flowers, all colors, but maybe it's the way the floral shops misuse the carnation to the point of exhaustion? Mm, just not sure.

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