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Roger at the City Journal nailed the kitsch glitch factor. It's okay to put out as long as it's on purpose. The flea markets and neighborhood garage sales really do have the best stuff... but you never know if you'll see it again. "The Return of The Pink Panther." One has to have hope!

Well this is coincidence- I endured a substantial debate this weekend regarding pathers- I proposed that they come in different colors (not just black like Soul On Ice black) and my adversary heartily disagreed. Therefor we googled panthers and I was bombarded with the notorious pink panther himself. BTW- Tan is popular - saw a few in Nicaragua at cat rescues last week - but I think the Tan Panther as a moniker is too neutral perhaps. Or at least too hetero.

The Pink Panther controversy! Let the debates begin.

One man's kitsch is another man's Erskine Caldwell.

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