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Isaac Walton... the man who invented fish & chips.

Walton is best known as author of The Compleat Angler (1653), one of the three most published books in English literature (the other two are the Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare). The Compleat Angler has run to more than 300 editions.

Walton is buried in the Prior Silkstead Chapel at Winchester Cathedral.

This is his epitaph:

Here resteth the Body of
Who dyed the 15th day of December
Alas he's gone before
Gone to return no more!
Our panting Breasts aspire
After their aged Sire,
Whose well spent life did last,
Full ninety years and past
But now he hath begun
That which will ne're be done
Crown'd with eternall blysse:
We wish our souls with his.

Votis modestis sic flerunt liberi

"Old men are weak in the hams" thus leading to folding chair fishing. Doth he cast his line in the River Styx?

I imagine that fisherman is hooked up on the internet with his phone with 6 or 7 other fisherman, likewise connected, sharing information on where the fish are biting, and where they are not. They probably have spotters posted in the trees, who relay via text message where the fish are. Right now, that fisherman is checking in with the National Weather Service for climatological information bearing upon his ability to catch a fish in that spot at that time.

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