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Sweet mother of all nature, Doctor Flowers. You've gone and hurt yourself. Good thoughts, everyone, now and across the miles, and speaking of Miles don't look at this slide without Spanish Key on your computer boogie. It's pretty much an introduction to Doctor Flowers: The Soundtrack Series. So sample and enjoy every savory red minute. If it's thriving and happy in a shallow granite depression... the least we can do is try and thrive, too.

There is a rumored multi-colored wildflower indigenous only to the west slopes of the highest of the Andes. Check it out and get back to me.

Kidding aside, it may be time for the photgraphs Dr. Wildflowers to be collected in book form.

Elf Orpine, yeah?

Love your pics! Stay off the ankle.

It never ceases to amaze me that you continue to find rare blooms that probably last only two days out of the year. And what is even more amazing, you are able to give them a name. The unique geology and major change in elevation of the rock must be a good source of unique specimens.... provided you know what you are looking at.

Well Doc, it sounds like you have been leaping off them tall buildings again! You may feel like twenty something; but you body begs to differ. Make sure you give those body parts ,you stretched out of kilter, time to tighten back up before you try climbing up the backside of Stone Mountain.

Did the Doc give you anything for the pain? If so, your fall can benefit all your friends.

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