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Periwinkle, always fascinating. Or as it's referred to outside of Floyd County: Ελληνική العربيه עברית (...that's Greek, Hebrew and Arabic)

Now Doctor Flowers, about those traveling ants and your tender ass. Just remember, a few gentle dabs of Mountain Dew used as a country antiseptic and your weekend plans are good to go!

I don't know hwo Homejobs is, but I need to get me some of that Yellow Star Grass for my increasingly diverse native garden.

Excepting the ants, I'm jealous.

It's a nice adventure, Doctor Flowers. But on second read, it's clear you left out important photographic evidence that would fully illustrate the excitement of this trip. How about a nice backshot sometime for your female readers? That is, a picture of the kindly mule you mentioned (or something like it).

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