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Every once in a blue moon on this site you reveal an archetypal Flowers foto. Such is this. The rusted water pump? air pump? out front, shameless, is what sets a Flowers foto apart. Shine on, gimpy one.

It is Classic, all right.


YOU'RE A CLASSIC. At Classic Car Care, we'll take you back. Back to that classic moment when your first car was a dream, and a dream was all you needed to get there. When you think about it, times haven't changed much. Your first car, your first beer run... that first lost earring in the back seat. Well, maybe times have changed. But we haven't. At Classic Car Care, we take care of things pretty much the way you'd expect. Just what you need - and when you need it. No fancy showroom to get lost in. No salesman hunched by the side door trying to sell you something new. Because when it comes to cars, your classic's in the driveway... not down at the speedway. Putter on in and bring your favorite car. Drive out today just like it was yesterday, all at vintage repair prices too. No wonder folks call us Classic. 432-32-34.

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