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I found this snip from the Internet, which translates beauty so well. Thought I'd post it under Doctor Flowers' perfect view of Amherst County.


"Take of common rainwater a goodly amount, at least ten stuebchen, keep it well shut in glass jar at least ten days, then will the foulness and faeces settle on the bottom. Pour off the clear water and put it into a wooden vessel that is shaped round like a ball; slice it through the middle and fill the vessel one third part full thereof.

Then place it in the sun at noon in a hidden or separate place. This done, take a drop of red Holy Wine and let it fall into the water, when you will forthwith behold a fog and a deep darkness down on the water, as indeed it was so at the first creation.

If you then put a second drop you will see the light coming out of the darkness; whereupon put in again and again, each quarter hour, a third, then a fourth, then a fifth, then a sixth drop, and then no more: when if you let your eyes light on the water, one thing after another you will see, how God created everything in six days, and how this took place, and suchlike secrets that can not be spoken of, even I myself have not the power to reveal them. Before you undertake this operation, fall down upon one knee..."

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