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On August 27, one Doctor Flowers, guilty of cultivating beauty in an otherwise impoverished, gangly electronic global jungle stops for coffee on his way to jury duty. A quick visit with the Queen of Hearts is not out of the question. By the time you read this, a case will be cased, a room will be filled, a decision will be in its earliest stages and all will be right with the South again. Thank you for your civic responsibility.


Lets hope you do not get picked for a jury that has to be sequestered. The word on the street is that the Golden Arches was awarded the food service contract for the courthouse this year.

Punchline 1: You deserve a break today.

Punchline 2: In a town where a crappy McDonalds gets built next to and in the way of a fine old courthouse like this one, there probably ain't gonna BE any justice.


so Doc, did you get chosen for a jury, and if so, did you give good justice?

McJustice is served.

I found out that my name was on the Jury list twice, meaning I had been doing double duty over the years. The Jury officials recognized the error and let me go home without joining the pool. Justice was served after all.

Doctor Flowers

Forgive that beside You was little ed!>we beg pardon
I Will be back!

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