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Well I didn't understand any of that, but I really love version #2!

That's art.

A car in the weeds never looked so good as in version 3.

Change a few cosmetic nose and tail parts and you would - or could - have a Buick Century, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, or a Chevy Monte Carlo, in fact. Three cars in one. Someone's tired old street stocker, no doubt.

It's a 1976 or 1977 Monte Carlo because of the square headlights (4 total). The body style was similar in 1973 to 1977 only. 1978 was the smaller boxy style. The 1973 had several unique features from the remaining 1974-1977s.The 73 - 75 Montes had two round headlights. The tail lights on 1973 were unique, recessed with horizontal bars, where 1974 didn't have bars, and 1975 had no bars but the Knight Crest in the lense. The trunk and rear end was unique from the other years. The trunk went down between the tail lights completely to the rear bumper, whereas on the 1974-1977 it stopped half way to the bumper. The license plate was mounted in the rear bumper on 1973 only. Hope this helps.

Bitterman, you're either an idiot or someone who knows nothing about the GM A-bodies, but likes to profess that they know something, because all of the sheetmetal on the sides are completely different from a Buick Century, Chevy Chevelle, or Oldsmobile Cutlass. Duh!! Only the Chevelle SS and the Monte Carlo share the same dash and gauges, the other GM A-Bodies have different gauges and design.

You probably drive a POS foreign car.

Oh gee, someone learned how to use a couple of filters in Photoshop. Whoooo hoooooo. Lame.

sexy layout. Could James Bond compete? I think not.

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