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Well said, Doc, and I love the starkness of the store and the big grey sky. There is an old country store, smaller than this and unpainted, that I pass every time I drive down to Jasper County to visit my 92 year old dad. Your second paragraph describes what happened to the unpainted store. I could see it slowly falling down in my first 20 plus years of driving past it. Then 10 plus years ago, the current property owners, who have a newer house nearby, repaired it so it is again straight and sturdy and weatherproof, even though it has not been used in over 30 years. I think the "shared nostalgia and unspoken reluctance to hasten the final dismantling" of that precious artifact, must have taken hold of the offspring of those store-minding grandparents. Good for them, and all of us who drive by and admire it.


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